Installing games and programs on android

There are several options for installing games and programs on android:

Method 1

In this method, you will need a PC or laptop, on which one of these operating systems is installed – Windows, Linux or OS X (macOS). Download the APK file from the site in a convenient place for you, then connect the gadget to your computer with a USB cable. Make sure that the File Transfer (MTP) option is set in the system settings, as in the latest versions of Android, the item Charging via USB is enabled by default.

Next, you should check whether the item Install from unknown sources is activated in the system settings (Security category).

If all conditions are met, you can proceed to transfer the file from your PC to your smartphone or tablet. For comfortable work you will need a program-conductor. In Windows, this is Explorer:

In Linux this is often Nautilus

For OS X you need to install special. a program called Android File Transfer. After installing and running the utility, you will see a window that looks like a Finder window. Now when the device is connected AFT will start automatically.

After you have copied the desired file to your phone / tablet, you can disconnect the gadget from USB and start the installation process.

For further actions, you will need an explorer for Android, for example ES Explorer, Root Explorer or Solid Explorer. In Windows Explorer, locate the location where you copied the installation file. Tapping on the installer will open a window with information about the file being installed. If you are satisfied with the access settings, click the Install button.

At the end, information is displayed that the application has been successfully installed.

Method 2

This method is suitable for those who have access to unlimited / cheap wireless Internet, whether it’s Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE. With the help of any modern web browser (Chrome, Android Browser, Opera, Yandex Browser) you need to go to the site, download the liked APK files and install them as described in the first method.

When using the second method, the downloaded files are automatically placed in the /sdcard/Download/

How to install games with a cache can be found here.